Chlamydia Trachomatis And Its Effect On Male Infertility

Chlamydia is one of the most commonly transmitted STD and it’s often associated with infertility in women. But unknown to many, this disease can also cause infertility in men, especially if the infection is left undiagnosed.

Learn more as we are going to discuss chlamydia trachomatis and its effect on male infertility in today’s health guide.

Background Of The Study

In a study conducted by Queensland University, it was discovered that sexually transmitted disease such as chlamydia has no identifiable cause for men to become infertile after conducting testicular tissue biopsies.  The disease was determined from 43 of the 95 or 45.3% of male participants who had no known cause of infertility.

Aside from that, chlamydia trachomatis was also discovered from 3 of the 18 male participants with the same condition. And 12 of the 18 men had chlamydia-specific antibodies which indicate that they have been previously exposed to the bacteria but are not showing any symptoms or asymptomatic.

To be specific, the study has also indicated these key findings in detail:

  • Those participants who were tested belong to 3 different groups: those who have moderate to severe cases of infertility, those who have insufficient sperm count, and the majority belonging to those who have indefinite cause of infertility.
  • Chlamydia was discovered in 45.3% of fixed testicular tissue biopsies and all the participants had no definite cause of infertility.
  • Chlamydia was also discovered in 16.7% of fresh testicular tissue biopsies which were obtained during sperm recovery procedures. Those participants with chlamydia had no definite cause of infertility.
  • 66.7% of the participants who have undergone fresh testicular tissue biopsies have chlamydia-specific antibodies which indicate these patients were previously exposed to the bacteria causing the disease.

What Is The Significance Of This Study?

As previously mentioned, chlamydia is usually seen as one of the main causes of infertility in women. Yet, there is little known evidence of the impact of the disease in relation to men’s infertility.

The study is very important as it serves as the first official evidence that chlamydia can infect the testicular tissue but does not really cause infertility in men.

Practicing Safe Sex Is Always The Best Remedy

As always, practicing safe sex is always the best solution to prevent yourself and your partner from contracting STDs. Prevention is always better than cure. And the best way to do that is by following these tips:

  1. Use a contraceptive barrier such as condoms when engaging in vaginal, oral, or anal sex.
  2. Use a condom to protect the penis during sexual intercourse.
  3. Use a dam to protect the vagina during oral sex.
  4. Use a dam as well to protect the vagina when engaging in oral sex.
  5. Avoid sharing sex toys. If you do share your sex toys with your partner, then be sure to wash them after every use or use a new condom when used between each other.

Overall, chlamydia trachomatis DOES not cause male infertility but you are still recommended to protect yourself from this disease so you won’t suffer from its long-term side effects.

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