Examine the Benefits of Medical Certificates for Your Employees

Medical Certificates are a very important legal document in Mexico. It is necessary that companies have their employees medically examined to ensure they are fit for their jobs. A medical exam not only protects your employees, it also protects the company from being fined. Moreover, it promotes a culture of respect and commitment to safety within the company.

ServicioMedicoEmpresas.com provides the full variety of medical tests to issue medical certificates and to ensure your employees are fit to work.

A requirement of medical certificates is to outline the personal medical history of the employee. They also cover the status of specific health areas such as vision exams, and can even contain the results of an anti-doping/drug test, most commonly consisting of the “35 substances” (35 elementos).

Medical certificates should be presented by the employees from their first day at work. They are valid for all types of work done by the employees. The medical certificate also proves the employee has passed a pre-employment medical exam, which is very important for the company.

There are a lot of ways to hold your employees responsible for a healthy environment, depending on your business and the nature of the employees’ jobs. Medical certificates make recommendations about the appropriate work environment for that particular employee. Regardless of the circumstances and the nature of the job, employers are required to implement those recommendations, whether individually or on a broad scale.

As companies enact these recommendations, they have a responsibility to hold their employees accountable for healthy work. As an employer, you could ask the workers which aspects of the work environment have the biggest impact on their overall health.

Of course, as an employee continues to be a part of the company, the record of their health must be kept current. This is why medical certificates are also required for periodic exams.

Although you might want to take the route that requires the least effort, the nature of any workplace necessitates that you take proactive action to keep your employees healthy. By raising awareness, providing education, and offering incentives, you can ensure that your workers will not only arrive at work healthy, but also stay that way.

For efficiency, and to help clients optimize their expenses, the service performs exams at the employees’ dwelling, and on-site at the workplace facility, with 24/7 mobile medical units. They put their clients first, maintaining strict quality standards about their testing methods and their equipment – always using the latest technology to obtain the most accurate results.

Obtaining medical certificates from a quality service

What are the benefits?

  1. Avoiding workplace accidents
  2. Controlling injuries and workplace stress
  3. Save money on medical services and insurance
  4. Save money for your business
  5. Improve your employee’s health
  6. Employees will be happier and more productive
  7. Employees will be safer at work

When you ask your company to cover the cost of CERTOLAB medical certificates, you’re not only protecting your employees from unnecessary illness, you’re also ensuring they meet current Mexican Standards (Normas Mexicanas vigentes) and beyond.

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