Why Telemedicine is Important During the Pandemic

As we are surviving a pandemic, your hospital, or international medical clinic in Singapore, is probably the last place you’ll want to be. 

But the need for medical attention isn’t going away. There may be times when you’ll need to see a medical professional but if possible, not in the hospital. The solution to this is telemedicine. 

Telemedicine allows you to consult with your doctor or clinicians without face-to-face interactions. You get the advice that you need straight from your healthcare provider without leaving the comforts of your home. 

Here are more reasons why telemedicine is crucial during these times.

1.) Reducing the spread of the virus 

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Even when vaccines are already out, that doesn’t change the fact that COVID-19 is still around. It’s still best to maintain health and safety protocols, which include wearing masks and observing social distancing. 

By holding consultations through virtual channels, you no longer have to be out and into a potentially high-traffic area. 

You can communicate with physicians from home, which also helps reduce the risk of contracting and spreading the virus. This is especially the case for asymptomatic individuals who can spread the virus without them knowing it. 

Healthcare providers are also adopting telemedicine to assist infected patients who are quarantined whether at home or in another facility.

2.) Easing pressure in emergency rooms

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Stress and pressure are high in emergency rooms, clinics, and hospitals at the moment. While you know that you also need to communicate with your physician, you no longer want to enter these places, as much as possible. 

By using telemedicine, you can talk to your doctor, receive care that you need, and at the same time, help make their job easier, too. Virtual consultations also allow you to discuss non-urgent concerns that you may have. 

And in case you suspect that you may be infected, your doctor can also advise you on what you can and cannot do before heading to the hospital or your international health clinic in Orchard.

3.) Protecting healthcare workers

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Healthcare workers are risking their lives to save others. By staying at home, we’re helping protect them against the threat of the virus. 

By using telemedicine, healthcare workers can separate those who need urgent care from individuals that are not at risk. Many other patients need to be in the hospital, aside from those infected by COVID-19. They, too, need to be seen and cared for by clinicians.  

If you can be pre-screened from home, you’re helping healthcare workers save time and also reduce the risks of transmission for everyone.

4.) Helping vulnerable individuals

senior citizen

COVID-19 can be more harmful to certain individuals, such as those with pre-existing medical conditions and the elderly. 

Telemedicine helps protect these groups by ensuring that their healthcare needs are attended to even without them leaving their homes. 

While there are limitations to telemedicine, which patients are also educated about, it’s still better than not consulting with a healthcare professional at all.

Ask Your Healthcare Provider About Their Telemedicine Services

benefits of telemedicine

Contact your international medical clinic in Singapore and see if they’re already providing telemedicine services. If you have children, seniors, or people with pre-existing medical conditions at home, this is one way you can protect them during these uncertain times. 

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